Coliseum dugouts flood after rain; more sewage backups in clubhouse

athletics-dugout-floodBay Area rains Saturday morning have wreaked havoc on the Coliseum prior to the A’s-Twins game previously scheduled to start at 1:05.

The accompanying photo (via Twins pitcher Glen Perkins) depicts the flooded visitor’s dugout. Perkins says it potentially contains sewage. So enjoy your nightmares, everybody! (UPDATE: Good news! Not sewage!)

But the confirmed sewage backup (the third this season and second in a week at the Colisuem, if you’re scoring this one at home) came in A’s coaches’ room in the clubhouse. From Susan Slusser:

[B]ecause of backups in the pipes because of rain runoff, the bathrooom/shower area in the A’s coaches’ room has flooded with sewage. […]

“It’s flowing like lava,” catcher Kurt Suzuki said. “The sound it makes is amazing.”

At one point, sewage was flowing out of the faucets, Suzuki said. One A’s employee, who says this has happened before when it rains because the drainoff pipes and the coaches’ room pipes cross, says it sounds like the plumbing is “possessed” when sewage starts coming back up. “Glub, glub, glub,” he said.

“This is bad,” coach Mike Gallego said, shaking his head. There were many jokes by the other coaches about trying to save the diminutive Gallego from drowning.

It’s always been fun to make jokes about the Coliseum’s sewage issues, but it’s starting to get really sad. They might need to make a Lifetime movie about it soon.

The rain has eased off a bit in the East Bay, but the start of the game has obviously been delayed while the field drains and the A’s coaches receive grief counseling.

UPDATE: Here’s more from Saturday morning’s monsoon heavy rains via Brett Anderson:

[SF Gate]

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