A’s rookie dress-up day was awkward for Dan Otero (Photos)

Rookie dress-up day is a tradition unlike any other in Major League Baseball. Forget the seventh inning stretch or hot dogs and beer. There’s nothing more baseball than seeing a grown man exit the clubhouse wearing a cheerleader costume with pom-poms.

It’s playful hazing by the vets, and it almost always involves cross-dressing to a certain degree. As was the case for the A’s rookies after Wednesday’s game against the Angels. It also for the most part had a superhero theme. Almost all of the rookies didn’t have it so bad. On the scale of embarrassing things they could have been forced to do, this was a solid 4 out of 10. And then there was Dan Otero, who had to dress like… well, you’ll see.

(A reminder that with the Marge Simpson wig, Freiman is approximately 30 feet tall.)

And last but not least:

Our thoughts go out to Dan Otero’s family during this troubling time.

[via @janeMLB]

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