Donte Whitner is changing his last name to ‘Hitner.’ WAIT… oh OK, never mind

49ers safety and and two-time Twitter hackee Donte Whitner has filed the necessary paperwork to legally change his last name. To what, you may ask? From SF Gate:

After tweeting his intent this morning to legally change his last name to “Hitner,” Whitner, who is known for his physical style, confirmed in the locker room that, yes, he’s quite serious about removing the “W” from his last name. In fact, on Tuesday he paid a $27 fee, mailed the paperwork to his lawyer in his native Ohio and is hopeful the back of his uniform will reflect the change by Sunday’s game against the visiting Texans.

Recently, that hard-hitting style got Whitner, er, the Player Soon To Be Formerly Known As Whitner in trouble. He was fined $21 large for a hit on Rams receiver Chris Givens that kept a touchdown off the board last week.

In response, he’s now selling “#LegalHitner” shirts for $28 a pop. He’s all in on the name now. As far of having the name change on his jersey as early as this weekend, that’s probably a pipe dream because of fine print on merchandising contracts.

Listen, if he wants to change his last name, more power to him. But maybe stay away from picking a name that looks and sounds like the name of the most heinous, infamous despot this world has ever seen.

[SF Gate]

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