Seahawks claim BJ Daniels off waivers

The Seahawks-49ers rivalry, the gift that keeps giving, took another glorious turn on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the 49ers waived seventh-round pick and third-string QB BJ Daniels to make room for newly signed QB John Skelton. The plan was to stash Daniels on the practice squad if he went through waivers unclaimed.

Guess who claimed him.

Those pesky Seahawks did, duh! C’mon. You didn’t think Pete Carroll & Co. were just going to let their hated rivals get away with this, did you?

Daniels was inactive for all the Niners’ regular season games thus far. He forced his way on to the 53-man roster after a surprisingly impressive preseason. But still far away from being a contributor on Sundays, he was tossed aside to add another veteran QB behind Colin Kaepnerick, and the team’s gamble to keep him in the organization didn’t work out. The fact that it’s the Seahawks who threw a wrench into those plans doesn’t make this like betting on red and the ball ending up on black. It’s worse than that. It’s betting betting on red and the bell ending up on green.

It’s unclear what plans, if any, the Seahawks might have with Daniels (probably not much more than the Niners had with him), but it’s hard not to imagine this transaction was entirely just to troll their friends to the south.

H/T Niners Nation

  • MikeAnderson

    I’m guessing that Lennay is the girl that was “Made up”…. and I’m guessing Te’o is the one that made her up…..  It would be nice that when you write an article you state what is going on to viewers that don’t really give a crap about some kid that makes up stories only to find out he’s a LIAR.

  • ProSportsRants

    MikeAnderson Ur the only person in the US that doesn’t know the story then bro

  • MikeAnderson

    ProSportsRants MikeAnderson My message was to the “writer”…. are you the writer?  If a “writer” is going to write about something, especially talking about a person’s name, he/she should inform us….  ….R.I.P.  by a name, you want to know who died = at least if you live in the US that’s how we feel….  you must be the only one that thinks that way – lol