Barry Zito thanks Giants fans in full-page newspaper ad (Photo)


Barry Zito and Giants fans have long been resigned to the fact that he isn’t going to be returning to the team next season. It’s been seven years of some good and a lot more bad. Now Zito’s about to hit free agency. And after last year’s debacle of a season, now is as good as time as any to make a clean break. Have both sides start anew.

So before the offseason officially rang its bells, Zito had one last offering as a member of the Giants up his sleeve. No, it wasn’t an 80 mph fastball crushed to the water in right. Instead, it was an olive branch in the form of a full-page newspaper ad in the Chronicle thanking Giants fans. Those same Giants fans who for much of the last seven seasons frequently booed him and perfected the use of certain four-letter words with his name and who probably wanted to go John Blutarsky on his guitar. What a nice guy!

That’s a photo of the ad at the top. For the eyesight depraved, here’s the transcription:

“Let’s Go Giants … Let’s Go Giants … Let’s Go Giants …”

These words will live with me forever. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you, the dedicated fans of San Francisco for the fire in your hearts for Giants baseball.

These last seven years were filled with ups and downs both on the field and off. I lost both my parents, found the love of my life in Amber, gained wisdom, found a faith in God, and rode the wave to not one but two World Series Championships in three years.

It has been an experience that has shaped the lens that I will see life through for the rest of my time. I feel so very blessed to have been part of it all.

Thank you San Francisco.

Barry Zito

What, San Francisco couldn’t even get an xoxo?

But seriously. Say what you want about the last seven years and $126 million and being demoted to the bullpen and a 63 and 80 record. But there’s no way you can look bad after a fond farewell via full-page newspaper ad. Unless you’re Dwight Howard. Classy move by Zito on his way out the door. Frankly, though, I can’t get over the disappointment from him not going with this photo in the ad.

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