Here’s Raiders superfan Dr. Death in full costume speaking at an Oakland City Council meeting (Video)

A pretty important Oakland City Council vote went down Tuesday night. The Council voted in favor of extending the planning period for the Coliseum City sports complex proposal another 12 months. Long story, short: That’s a good thing if you want to see Oakland sports remain in Oakland. The $2 billion Coliseum City project, which has plans for up to three different venues for the Raiders, A’s and Warriors on the current Coliseum site (and thus keeping the unsettled franchises in Oakland), has gained traction in recent weeks after two deep-pocketed investors have expressed their interest in it. (One of those investors is from Dubai, which, if it had an S anywhere in its name, I’m pretty sure it would be stylized as a dollar sign.)

Yeah, yeah, that’s all great and sounds very promising. But let’s move onto more important matters. Because in Tuesday’s City Council meeting, quite possibly the greatest moment in Oakland’s city government history took place when Raiders superfan Dr. Death (no stranger to the civic process) appeared before the Council in support of the Coliseum City plan and made a speech in full Dr. Death regalia. That’s costume, makeup, spiky helmet. The whole shebang. This is real:

When you look past the daggers protruding from his helmet you’ll find a stirring speech that actually made some pretty solid points.

In case you’re keeping score at home, the City Council vote was unanimous. I think we have Dr. Death to thank for that. Al would be proud.

Tuesday’s vote doesn’t put shovels into the ground, but it is another positive step on the way to Coliseum City becoming a reality, thus improving the likelihood any sports teams stay in Oakland long term. The Raiders reportedly have been the most interested of those teams in Coliseum City. As part of the vote, all three current Oakland sports franchises have six months to put into writing their support of the project. Good luck with the San Jose A’s and San Francisco Warriors.

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