Maxim Lapierre suspended 5 games for hit on Dan Boyle

The verdict for The People v. Lapierre is in. And Blues forward Maxim Lapierre has been given a five-game suspension for his ugly hit on Dan Boyle along the boards on Tuesday. Boyle was knocked unconscious and taken off the ice in a stretcher. He flew back to San Jose on Wednesday. It’s unclear as of right now when he’ll be able to return to playing.

Lapierre had an in-person hearing with the NHL in New York on Friday, which is usually reserved for when somebody’s in hot doodoo. Ordinarily the minimum punishments handed down after visiting the NHL’s version of the principal’s office is a five-game ban, which is what Lapierre got, which is less than I expected by about two games. If you want to hear Brendan Shanahan’s reasoning for the suspension length, here ya go:

Lapierre isn’t officially a “repeat offender” like Raffi Torres is, so he avoids a even longer suspension. But still, he’s got a reputation of being a dirty player and has a marked history of such play. Look no further than a game a few years back against these very Sharks:

So he’s a guy some lucky girl’s parents can’t wait to meet.

Is it a long enough suspension? I don’t think it matters any more. I feel like that’s as fruitless a debate as talking about Oscar snubs. “What do you mean Ben Affleck didn’t get nominated for Argo? BEN AFFLECK DIRECTED THE CRAP OUT OF ARGO!!!! GRRRRDSFLKSZXCKJSDLK!!!!” It’s done. And there’s nothing our outrage can do about it.

But don’t tell that to the Sharks the next time they see Lapierre on the ice.


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