Warriors, Andrew Bogut agree to contract extension

After reports last week of the Warriors and Andrew Bogut beginning talks on a contract extension, it’s now a done deal. Let’s go to the tweets!

Huh. So much for Bogut maybe wanting to stick it to the Warriors for copping a feel with Dwight Howard this summer.

Bogut is slated to make $14 million this season. This extension ensures all his postgame ice baths will be with the Warriors through the 2016-17 season.

As has been said previously on this here weblog, and a bevy of other places as well, this is a gamble the Warriors need to take. Spare us your argument about how Bogut’s past health is the Chinese toy paint of health histories. This has been the right move from the beginning. You can’t let a potentially healthy Bogut go in free agency, where other teams wouldn’t flinch at giving him the big bucks and he wouldn’t flinch at taking it.

That would be the ultimate kick in the balls and punch to the face for the Warriors. Bogut is integral in any championship aspirations the Warriors have. You wait years and years to have a top NBA center, then you finally get one and just let let him slip away? Uh, no. You need to lock this up before it even gets to free agency. It worked outstandingly for the Warriors with Curry last year. Can magic strike twice in a row?

The sweetest part about this deal is that his salary reportedly descends each year. That’s awesome for the Warriors. It’s so beautiful, I might cry. Not only does it give the Warriors cap flexibility to add players or re-sign current ones down the line, but it also makes it easier to, ya know, if push comes to shove after ankles fall off or ligaments explode, get rid of him.

Bob Myers is just taunting the other GM’s now, isn’t he? Assuming this Warriors season doesn’t fall short of expectations and disintegrate into a cloud of dust, then he’s going to run away with Executive of the Year.

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