Terrell Owens will be honorary captain at 49ers game Sunday


Terrell Owens, everybody’s favorite budding professional bowler, will be back at Candlestick Park on Sunday as the Niners take on the Panthers. No, the Niners didn’t sign T.O., still a free agent clinging on to that delusional hope that a team is going to give him a call any minute, to address their issues at the second receiver position. That would have been too awesome. And, frankly, sad.

Instead, T.O., second behind Jerry Rice on the Niners’ all-time receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns lists, will be in the house Sunday to serve as an honorary captain. From CSNBA:

Owens will help celebrate the Top 10 moments in Candlestick Park history. Owens helped provide one of the top moments in Candlestick history with a 25-yard touchdown catch from Steve Young in the closing moments of a playoff victory over the Green Bay Packers in the 1998 playoffs.

That play has colloquially become known as “The Catch II”:

T.O.’s tenure in San Francisco infamously ended acrimoniously. (Really, that sentence can apply to multiple stops in his career.) To our knowledge, T.O. hasn’t returned to be celebrated by the Niners in any official capacity since then. So this is going to be something of a homecoming for T.O. The place where it all began for him. The city where he had his greatest success. It might get emotional. Emotional will be good!


  • cmaglaughlin

    Hey Trent…you dumped on your “brother in Christ,” Tim Tebow, now you’re doing the same on Colin. Truth is, I’d rather watch both TRYING to win a ring than YOU WINNING one! Some guys just luck out on being the boring  QB on a great team. Handing the ball off was your best skill!

  • Topazinator

    cmaglaughlin   Colin Kaepernick should flex his biceps less and his brain more.  Hey, you might try that yourself, when you get the opportunity.