Andre Iguodala hits game-winner in fantastic finish against Thunder (Video)

What an ending in Oakland Thursday night. And we can say that with absolute confidence in our objectivity because even before Andre Iguodala sent Warriors and basketball fans into a frenzy and tweeting nonsense, we were prepared to say that.

First, you had the Warriors on the brink of collapse after blowing a double-digit fourth quarter collapse when Russell Westbrook busted a 30-footer to give the Thunder a one-point lead with 2.3 seconds left:

The struggle was real in Oakland at that point. But there to bail out the Warriors and to give Westbrook his own case of the sadz was the new guy in town:

And suddenly pants became optional in Oakland for Thursday night.

Here’s how it sounded with Tim Roye on Warriors radio:

Lost in the mayhem: The Warriors finally got their first quality win of the season.

(Iguodala vid via @cjzero)

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