Tomas Hertl sends Sharks-Canucks game to overtime with late goal (Video)

The Sharks are finally starting to get this scoring-in-overtime thing to work in their favor. They won in overtime in Calgary on Tuesday night. And they stole one in similar fashion in Vancouver on Thursday night. But they wouldn’t have gotten there if it wasn’t for sensational rookie Tomas Hertl finding the back of the net for the Sharks first goal of the game with 65 seconds left to force overtime. This kid is the best. But how about Joe Thornton getting the secondary assist on that goal from his stomach? He’s the… best-est.

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  • TysonRohrer

    sawley. dumb post he wasnt comparing the size. he was comparing, that because brooks is so big and bree’s is so small it looked like a foul because the qb’s are protected to be pussies in the pocket. thats all it is for every team. clearly a clean hit and its ok that the saints won because i hope like he does that in the playoffs that they seen them again. 49ers are better than saints hands down even on there own field. and fyi he probably started saying it all because after the game brees said “i got hit so i hard i knew it had to be a foul”. what a sissy. i use to like him until i heard him say that… brees wants the rules to protect him so he can do better and the league wants the qb’s to be protected so they play better so they can sell more tickets….. SISSY LEAGUE

  • Johnny Polanco

    That hit on any QB not named Brees, Brady, Manning or Rodgers would have been just fine!

  • Stealth26

    The giants are just lucky no one talks about all the steroids they take when they walk in the room