Stephen Curry will miss Stephen Curry Bobblehead Night with a concussion

stephen-curry-bobblehead-nightTeam celebrates popular player by giving out free commemorative bobblehead dolls in his likeness to fans before upcoming game. Said player misses said game due to unexpected injury. Said fans are left disappointed they won’t see said player play after being given tiny plastic dolls that look like him. A’s fans are familiar with the feeling. The Warriors look forward to your angry letters.

But that will be the case with Stephen Curry on Stephen Curry Bobblehead Night as the Warriors host the Grizzlies Wednesday after his head was turned into a hardwood-and-Marvin Williams sandwich Monday night in Utah. He’s been diagnosed with a mild concussion. Hey, at least his head didn’t pop open like a balloon.

More from Marcus Thompson:

The Warriors initially said Curry just had a headache. But further tests revealed the headache was a symptom of a concussion.

Curry won’t be allowed to play again until he passes the NBA concussion protocol.

He still has a headache, though not as severe. According to the Warriors, that is his only symptom.


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