Matt McGloin or Terrelle Pryor against the Cowboys?

Assuming Terrelle Pryor will be fully recovered and that there was going to be discourse regarding the Raiders quarterback controversy this week, Dennis Allen doesn’t want to spend all week answering questions about it. That’s because he’s already named his guy. No surprise to anybody who watched Sunday’s almost-victory, Matt McGloin is your starter for next week’s game on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys.

I couldn’t agree with this decision any more. Shall we discuss? We shall!

First, McGloin’s numbers on Sunday: 13 for 22, 260 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception, 82.8 QB rating.

Pretty respectable stat line, no? But what really sold me was the fourth quarter comeback he led to give the Raiders the lead briefly under five minutes. He didn’t flinch under the pressure. He was efficient and accurate. It was gorgeous. I was sexually aroused. And it came against a Titans pass defense that’s ranked in the top half of the league, according to Football Outsiders.

McGloin looked a whole helluva lot better Pryor has lately. Yes, Pryor was playing hurt when he stunk up the Meadowlands two weeks ago, and the injury supposedly played a big role in limiting his ability to do otherwise simple things like throw the ball accurately to teammates, but Pryor lately hasn’t looked anything like the pleasantly surprising wonderboy who often flashed promise in the first half of the season, hence all the “HAS TERRELLE PRYOR REGRESSED? MY COLUMN…”-type tweets of late. Some numbers? In his last four games, Pryor has thrown eight INT’s to just one TD. The last time Pryor threw a touchdown you were still trying to decide between being a fox or Walter White for Halloween this year. More importantly, though, the Raiders stumbled to a 1-3 record in that span.

To steal a famous line from Jim Harbaugh, the Raiders are better off going with the hot hand. And right now that hot hand quite clearly is McGloin. The Raiders, even at 4-7, are within shouting distance of the playoff picture in the AFC (though, let’s be real, making the playoffs is a longshot). Go with the quarterback who’s given you nearly two wins in two starts until he gives you a reason not to.

Until Thursday, though, the Raiders and their fans lick their wounds fresh off their seventh loss of a season, a heartbreaker of a loss that came so close to being a win if it weren’t for mountain man Ryan Fitzpatrick and a nifty fourth quarter comeback of his own, leaving Raider Nation feeling thusly:


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