Donte Whitner on Drew Brees: ‘He can’t take a hit’


Just when you thought that the 49ers have maybe moved on from that dubious personal foul call on Ahmad Brooks for his tackle on Drew Brees that cost them a win, here’s Donte Whitner refusing to move on and drumming up more controversy.

Brooks’ penalty subsequently led to a $15,750 fine (he’s appealing), which a couple ESPN talking heads offered to help pay. The Player (Hopefully) Soon To Be Known As Hitner was hit with $21,000 by the league for a vicious hit earlier this year (he’s also appealing), so if there’s anybody who can empathize with Brooks, it’s him. Here he is Wednesday sounding off on the Brees situation, via the Sac Bee:

“He did everything he’s supposed to do,” Whitner said of Brooks. “It’s not his fault that Drew Brees is a little guy and can’t really take a hit. But that’s football. And (that play) really would have won the football game. With three minutes left in the game, if we get one first down … Even if we have to punt, we feel we would have won that football game. We feel like it cost us the game.”

Can’t take a hit? That’s a pretty demeaning accusation when it’s describing a football player. Whiter clarified:

“He can’t take a hit,” he said. “Ahmad is what – 260 pounds. He’s what – 6-foot, 190? Because it looks bad. Because this guy’s in the weight room and he does his job, rush the quarterback and put a hit on him. It’s part of the game of football. (Brees) can’t take a hit, and Drew Brees and those guys are over there celebrating. But we kind of have a formula against those guys and hopefully we’ll see them again in the playoffs.”

Wait. So this is now Drew Brees’ fault? Because he’s smaller than a linebacker? OK, then.

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