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Giants T-shirt throws shade at the A’s (Photo)


Shots fired in the Battle of the Bay. A new Giants shirt has come out inexplicably taking aim at the A’s, depicting both team’s logos, with “Nobody Talks About the Elephant in the Room” scribbled on top of a darkened A’s logo. But this isn’t some bootleg shirt being sold by a sketchy street vendor outside of AT&T Park. Interestingly, this is the work of Majestic, which is a licensed apparel manufacturer for MLB.

Giants fan or not, it’s an ugly shirt. And, for $22, it’s a huge rip off. I have no clue who would want one of these, other than curmudgeonly Giants fans who would name their kids “Lucifer” before naming them after Billy Beane. I will say, though, if the Giants sweep the A’s this season, they should totally rock these tees in the locker room after the last game, as should the A’s if they do the sameā€”but for ironic purposes, of course.

Motives for the trolling are unclear. As Casey Pratt points out, there was that “Zero Splash Hits, Four World Titles” A’s marketing campaign that legendarily trolled the Giants, but that was a while ago, and the Giants have since won two World Series.

The timing of the shirt is poorly executed, though. The Giants are coming off a season in which they finished just two games out of last place while the A’s wrapped up their second consecutive division crown. Should the A’s respond with their own trolly shirt? Nah, just keep letting their play do the talking.

But as much as we think the shirt is dumb, it’s still way better than these stupid things:


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