Charles Woodson says he wants to remain with the Raiders next season

Charles Woodson, because either he is a crazy person or had a gun pointed to his head, says he wants to come back and play for the Raiders next season. Yes, the 4-9, potentially soon-to-be 4-12, Oakland Raiders. This is the part where we question whether he has been actively conscious throughout all of the Raiders games and film sessions this season.

Here’s what he told 95.7 The Game on Thursday, via Paul Gutierrez:

“I want to play again,” Woodson said. “I think this is the only place that I would play. So I do plan on coming back and playing for the Raiders. If that weren’t to happen, then I think I would have to decide, do I want to go somewhere else and do it again for another year?

“But If I’m wanted here, I’m coming back.”

“I believe that this organization and this team is going in the right direction,” Woodson said. “[I’m] very happy and proud to be a part of that transition, and hopefully going forward as well.”

Sure, the Raiders for the first couple months looked like a completely different squad than the 2012 version of themselves. But a troubling amount of poor second-half efforts and blown leads in the past couple months have put into doubt whether the team, still with the Chiefs, Broncos and Chargers, all playoff contenders, remaining on the schedule, can even improve on its four wins from last year’s fart noise of a campaign. “Right direction” is not a term many people confidently attach to the Raiders right now.

And while the defense, once the stronger, more reliable unit when compared to the Raiders offense, has begun to show cracks of late, Woodson, statistically, is on pace to have one of his best seasons in the second half of his career.

Woodson, who will turn 38 during the 2014 season, signed a one-year deal to come back to Oakland this summer. The Raiders could probably get him at a cheaper rate than most free agent safeties out there on the 2014 market. And even if not, the Raiders will have abundant cap room beginning in the offseason. But I can’t see a soon-to-be 38-year-old hometown player fetching an exorbitant price tag.

Reggie McKenzie will probably bring him back, right? I mean, Woodson is a huge fan favorite who willingly wants to be part of this still-not-out-of-the-mud franchise and still has some game left. How do you say no to that? McKenzie knows better than to piss off these fans, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, the important point is that Woodson clearly wants to end his career in the place where it all began for him. Call him crazy for wanting to do that at a time like now, but I think that’s the reason why you’ve got to admire him even more.


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