Tyler Wilson signed off Raiders practice squad by Titans

The Raiders follies at the quarterback position took another weird turn today.

If you want an idea as to how much misfortune the Raiders have had at quarterback this season, you can start with Tyler Wilson. Wilson was taken in the fourth round of this year’s draft after an up-and-down career at Arkansas. He would was a project quarterback, but some saw him as the potential quarterback of the future, and for a brief time in minicamp those people were looking correct when Wilson was outperforming then-presumed starter Matt Flynn (LOL, remember him?) during practice. Then came training camp, during which Wilson remarkably eventually fell behind undrafted rookie free agent Matt McGloin on the depth chart. Wilson didn’t make the Raiders’ final roster, was placed on waivers, and, when no other team claimed him, was stashed on the practice roster (twice!). Wilson’s stunning journey from potential quarterback of the future to scout team player was special, only in that you have to be a special kind of terrible for it to happen to you.

We wish Wilson the best of luck with the Titans. Maybe a change of scenery is just what he needs to give his once-promising career the jumpstart it needs. And we also thank the Titans for no longer making Wilson the Raiders’ problem.

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