Hunter Pence’s bobblehead is riding a scooter (Photo)

Did you know Hunter Pence drives to AT&T Park on a scooter? I did not know that. I guess I’m more behind on Giants ballpark transportation trends than I would like to be because I’m still mystified by Tim Lincecum singing Hall & Oates in his car:

Anyway, Hunter Pence rides a scooter to work, which a lot of people in the world do, only he’s a Major League Baseball player. As such, the Giants have decided to incorporate that fact into their Hunter Pence bobblehead giveaway next season. That’s it in the image above, which Pence shared on his Instagram feed yesterday. If you’re one of the first 40,000 fans to the April 9 game against the Diamondbacks, it’s yours to sell on eBay!

Pence is kind of a weirdo, which makes him the ideal candidate for a bobblehead. You probably had a feeling the Giants were going to take his bobblehead to strange levels. They could have had the doll crushing some kale. But, nope, they’re going with Pence scootin’ along like he’s late for his econ final across campus, which I would be totally OK with if the bobblehead actually had fully functional wheels that would allow the doll to roll across any flat surface. The Giants blew it.

On the other hand, at least it’s still not as horrifying as the Tim Lincecum gnome.

H/T Field of Teams

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