Report: Dennis Allen’s assitants get extensions rejected as Jon Gruden rumors swirl

If Dennis Allen pays attention to what the media has to say, he might be readjusting nervously in his ever-increasing hot seat today.

First up, Adam Schefter:

A sign of things to come for Allen? It’s no secret that, after a decent start to the season, the Raiders are not finishing the season strong. The latter half of the year has been marred by questionable coaching decisions and poor adjustments in the second half of games, both of which reflect poorly on Allen and his staff.

Allen was personally hired by Reggie McKenzie in one of his first moves as the Raiders GM. You could expect him to have enough faith in his own guy to give him a chance to see these rocky times through. In Allen’s defense, he has had horrendous teams in his two seasons in Oakland. However, the defensive unit has gotten progressively worse this year, and that’s supposed to be his background.

And because McKenzie doesn’t have the greatest of locks on his own job, it might not be in his best interest to keep Allen around if the results aren’t there through two years, especially if pressure is coming from above with Mark Davis.

Which leads us to our second news item…

Granted, Jon Gruden gets linked to practically every coaching job that becomes available (and it’s not the first time we’ve heard this rumor with this team), and he’s seemingly never not at least a little bit interested in any of them. And yet there he is still on your TV saying “this guy” 564 times and fawning over his football man crush Manny Ramirez every Monday night or making budding young quarterbacks sweat in his football film dungeon. Gruden LOVES his job in TV. So, maybe don’t start dusting off those old Chucky dolls just yet. But Gruden is still beloved by the Raiders faithful, and there’s no denying that his hiring would excite a fan base that doesn’t have a whole lot to be excited about these days.

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