Donte Whitner is none too pleased about being snubbed for the Pro Bowl


The NFL revealed the players for this year’s Pro Bowl tonight. Yeah, that’s still being played, and evidently there are players who actually care about playing in it.

First things first, you can see all the players who made the Pro Bowl here. This year’s Pro Bowl has a twist, as players will not be separated by conference. Instead teams will determined by a draft held a few days prior. We have a feeling the draft will get better ratings than the actual game.

The 49ers, for the second consecutive year, had the most selections of any team with eight players. Those names are:

RB Frank Gore
TE Vernon Davis
LT Joe Staley
LG Mike Iupati
DT Justin Smith
OLB Ahmad Brooks
ILB NaVorro Bowman
ILB Patrick Willis

You’ll notice that none of those names is Niners safety Donte Whitner, a.k.a. The Player Soon to be Known as Hitner. Whitner, who was named a Pro Bowler last year, took the slight to heart. He passive-aggressively complained on Twitter an hour or so before the selections were revealed, dropping hints of his impending snub:

Somebody must really want to go to Hawaii. On the bright side, though, Whitner was one of six Niners named as a Pro Bowl alternate.

Of course, none of this matters if the 49ers just make it to the Super Bowl again, then the Pro Bowl shouldn’t even be on Whitner’s radar.

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