Jim Harbaugh answered a cold weather question the only way Jim Harbaugh could


By now you’ve surely been exposed to the running media narrative regarding the apocalyptic freezing temperatures awaiting the 49ers and Packers in Green Bay on Sunday.

Here’s the latest forecast from the National Weather Service:

Sunday: Much colder. Partly sunny. Highs zero to 5 above. Northwest wind 10 to 15 mph. Wind chills to 25 below zero.

Sunday Night: Blustery. Very cold. Mostly cloudy. Lows around 20 below zero. Northwest wind 15 to 25 mph. Wind chills to 50 below zero.

So, maybe pack a sweater if you’re heading to Green Bay this weekend.

Jim Harbaugh hasn’t really said much about the subzero climate his team is expected to encounter on Sunday, but that changed on Friday when he finally spoke up, and it was classic Jim Harbaugh:

“We’re aware of it, and we’ll pack all our shoe options,” he said. “The guys will put clothes on that they’ll be able to move around in, and then you start playing. The heart rate ramps up, hot blood races to the arteries, to the vessels, to the capillaries, and they’re distributed to the fingers and the toes. And an athlete the age and health of these guys, that hot blood will be racing around.”

OK, then.

[via SF Gate]

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