49ers’ Anthony Davis trashes Wisconsin, is unapologetic about it

Anthony Davis is not a fan of Appleton, Wisc. That’s where the 49ers are staying in advance of their frigid battle on the gridiron with the Packers on Sunday, and the 49ers right tackle had some not-so-nice things to say about the place:

Whether Davis, a Piscataway, N.J., native, is speaking of Appleton or Green Bay or rural Wisconsin in general (there’s probably not a whole lot of difference) isn’t entirely certain, but it’s clear that tweet didn’t go over well with a few folks. He’s already been the subject of disapproval from certain haughty media types and many, many salty Wisconsinites:

Davis was fully aware of the sudden firestorm his tweet ignited as his mentions became awash in tweets from mobs of angry cheeseheads. But don’t think for a second that made him reconsider his opinion of the great city of Appleton.

(In case you’re wondering, apparently Davis, whose legendary troll status was affirmed last night, changed his Twitter avatar to that of one his new best friends from Wisconsin.)

In other news, the 49ers got a pep talk from Ric Flair last night. Sorry, we kind of buried the lede on you there.

Here’s some pics of the team stylin’ and profilin’ with the Nature Boy:

Looks like everybody had a great night. We’ll include Anthony Davis in that assessment, as well.

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