Trent Dilfer backtracks from calling Colin Kaepernick a ‘remedial’ quarterback


Remember the 49ers first loss to the Panthers this year, a 10-9 defensive slugfest in Candlestick Park during Week 10? With the 49ers set to see those same Panthers this week in the playoffs, we bet Colin Kaepernick sure does. It was his worst passing game as the 49ers starting QB: 91 yards and an interception on 11-of-22 passing.

After the game Trent Dilfer raised some eyebrows when he went all #HotSportsTakes and labeled Kaepernick a “remedial” passer when it comes to making his reads. Kaepernick shook off Dilfer’s pointed assessment, saying, “I think you should ask him if he knows what my progression is first before he says that,” along with some other stuff to the tune of “BOO TRENT DILFER.”

Well, the 49ers are winning now, thanks a lot to, what do ya know, Kaepernick looking once again like the hotshot, gun-slinging, quick-thinking quarterback we all expected him to be the whole year. And it’s just as good a time as any for Dilfer to save face, backtrack on his words and tell the whole world he’s SAWRY.

From BANG:

“I wish I could change that word because it was such a hot-button word,” Dilfer told reporters Thursday in a national conference call. “The kid knows I love him. I see him in the offseason and I’m always very supportive. I think he’s a great competitor.”

In other Trent Dilfer-has-something-to-say news, Dilfer says Kaepernick looks like a totally different passer than the one he called “remedial” a few months ago:

“The best thing he’s doing is letting it rip, making big-time throws into contested coverage and getting the ball out of his hand,” Dilfer said. “And when it does break down and his instinct is to run, he obviously has tremendous ability to do so, as we saw against Green Bay.”


  • headman2

    Um, he is a remedial QB on a stacked team. Lowest passing output of any team in the league. Like a soccer mom driving a ferrari; not a good match. He’ll be fine if he ever understands that being intelligent will serve him better than being an athlete, but, I mean, we all remember that, “it’s just swaaaag,” (google it). Harbaugh will draft a QB high in this years draft. Bet on it.

    • movingshadow34

      I agree he is remedial and higly overrated,if he couldn’t run like he was running from the police he wouldn’t be shit.

      • Yeaababy

        you sound like a dumb ass

        • movingshadow34

          Aye I was just joking around,it’s people on here saying dumber shit then me and you saying I sound like a dumbass, ”fuck you”.