Colin Kaepernick celebrates TD by mocking Cam Newton’s Superman move (GIF)


A lot has been made about how Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton are boys who formed a friendship while rooming together at the Scounting Combine. Well, Kap just went there by mocking his so-called buddy’s trademark TD celebration before transitioning into his own move. Shots fired! We can only hope Newton scores a TD himself so we can see him return the favor by Kaepernicking. C’mon, Cam, DO IT FOR THE PEOPLE.

Another look, via Buzzfeed:


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top gif via @cjzero

  • Jim in Austin

    Great game Mr Kaepernick … you keep playing like today and you can wear your hat any way you want. When a successful player doesn’t meet fan or writer expectations … maybe it’s time for the folks to revise their opinions … Troy Aikman didn’t wear a leather helmet like the generation before. As a writer I get sick of some of these hyper-critical sportswriters nitpicking play when they couldn’t run a hundred yards to save their lives.