Seahawks not selling NFC Championship tickets to people from California


The NFC Championship with the 49ers and Seahawks next weekend is going to be a true treat for football fans. Two of the best teams in the league, two teams that absolutely despise each other, playing the rubber match of a season series with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. You couldn’t ask for a better matchup.

And yet evidently, it’s an experience the host Seahawks don’t want to share with any yucky 49ers fans who would ruin their 12th Man noise-making contest, because they’re not selling tickets for the game to anybody from California. From the Merc:

If you have a billing address in California, you will not be able to buy tickets through the Seattle Seahawks’ web site, the team announced.

Tickets, which go on sale Monday, will only be available to fans with billing addresses in WA, OR, MT, ID, AK, HI and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

If you have a billing address outside these areas, you will have to go through secondary ticket markets like the NFL Ticket Exchange and Stub Hub.

Bad news for any of you Seahawks fans in California (or any of the other 43 states excluded): Your team apparently doesn’t think that you exist. But it’s clear said fans are the victims of friendly fire in this entertaining, yet, at times, petulant, rivalry. There’s no other reason to do this than to troll 49ers fans.

“Oh, you want to come support your team? Have fun overpaying for your ticket from StubHub or some potentially murderous psycho on Craigslist!”

So, Seahawks, to quote the great Pete Carroll, “What’s your deal?

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  • hawkman54

    The deal is There were very limited number of tickets available and they want them to go to the areasx that have consistently supported the team ! Denver is doing the exact same thing !!!!!

  • JohnPaul Sein

    not only that goto stubhub and buy tickets there…