Mike Brown’s fight with Aaron Volpatti got bloody (Video)

When the Sharks traded for Mike Brown earlier in the season they were looking to add toughness and physicality to the line up. Safe to say they got both when he threw down with the Capitals’ Aaron Volpatti Tuesday night.

And yet, saying both players “threw down” probably falls short of accurately describing what transpired. Brown and Volpatti dropped the gloves midway through the first period, and the scrap lasted less than 12 seconds, but that was enough time for both players to trade vicious blow after vicious blow. By the time they were separated, the damage was done. Noses were blooded. Cuts were opened. Blood was spilled on the ice. Mike Brown had to change his jersey because it looked like he had just slaughtered a wild boar.

Brown won the fight handily, according to, with 84 percent of the voters giving him the decision.

Here’s the Sharks telecast’s version of the fight. Drew Remenda seems legitimately horrified by what he had just witnessed:

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