Brandon Jacobs: Jim Harbaugh ‘is a bitch’


When we last saw Brandon Jacobs ’round these parts he was being released by the 49ers last season before the playoffs, not long after being suspended by the team for going on social media and essentially calling Jim Harbaugh a bitch for his lack of playing time.

But Jacobs has gone and done it now. He’s actually called Jim Harbaugh “a bitch.” Oops, sorry, earmuffs! But, yeah, he used the big B word itself.

Jacobs, who has now retired after spending part of 2013 back on the Giants, was on WFAN radio in New York today and was asked if he had any regrets about is career. And, well:

“I have on regret in my career. That going to the 49ers when I could have stayed in New York. … It didn’t work out for me. I wasn’t liked. … I thought I was held hostage because of the previous year, but is what it is. I got two rings. Harbaugh, he’s a bitch, so it doesn’t matter.”


Do we have audio? You’re damn right we have audio. And video! Via Bob’s Blitz:

Jacobs’ disastrous 49ers tenure ended with just five carries and seven yards in two games. I’d be mad, too!

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