Mel Kiper: Raiders 2013 draft worse than initially thought

You won’t find a lot of people today who think the Raiders 2013 draft class — the second under GM Reggie McKenzie — was a resounding success.

LB Sio Moore (third round) and TE Mychal Rivera (sixth round) were the lone bright spots in the class, while all that shows for the rest of the class is a bunch of injuries, ineffectiveness and time spent on the waiver wire or practice squad. It’s like Al Davis never left!

Post-draft grades are about as pointless a thing as can be in the entire draft weekend experience, but they happen regardless, and, depending on who you are, you either put a lot of stock into them or you take them with a grain of salt (hint: you’re supposed to do the latter).

ESPN’s draft savant Mel Kiper, because it’s his job, is one of the folks who issues grades to each team based on how they drafted. His initial draft grade for the Raiders last year: B-minus. To which we now can look back and do nothing but offer a hearty LOL.

Kiper recently re-evaluated each team’s 2013 draft and issued re-grades now that the players have gone through their first year of NFL service, and, prepare the sad trombone, he marked the Raiders down to a C.

Here’s his rationale for downgrading the Raiders draft (via Silver and Black Pride):

The big sticking point for me with the Raiders’ draft is the fact that they held the No. 3 overall pick when it started, and I was concerned they didn’t assure themselves a quality starter. I noted then: “The Raiders were smart to move down, but I’m a little surprised they took D.J. Hayden at No. 12 overall. I knew he could go that high, but I still consider it a bit of a risk.” Also: “I think the Raiders didn’t get enough out of what started as a No. 3 pick, but they got better this weekend. Not bad.” But it looks worse today, because given the state of the roster, I’d have thought they’d know more about this class by now. Hayden landed on IR with a sports hernia, but was just OK when he played. Moore was a pick I really liked and is probably the bright spot of the class. Rivera can be a good player, and the Raiders also get credit for getting some decent play out of Matt McGloin, but it’s not like that QB situation is settled. The Raiders got some players, but not enough back for picking at No. 3, and the jury is still out in most spots.

Again, sometimes it takes a few years before you see the full potential of a draft class. But we do agree with Kiper’s sentiment that the 2013 class’s first full year as a whole was largely a bust.

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