Rod Streater stars in Beats by Dre commercial parody (Video)

Those Beats by Dre commercials featuring Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Garnett and Richard Sherman have become commonplace on your TV sets for the last month or so. You know the ones I’m talking about—said athletes throw on uber-expensive headphones to drown out hostile fans or irritating reporters while that “Wake Me Up” guy ruins a classic Elton John hook.

Raiders wide out Rod Streater doesn’t have the same visibility that a Kaepernick or a Sherman has to get his own Beats commercial, but he’s taking matters into his own hands by producing his own Beats by Dre—er “Beats by Streats” commercial in which he tunes out an annoying mom and then steals a little girl’s cookies. RUDE but funny.

H/T Silver and Black Pride

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