Super Bowl XLVIII prediction

Honestly, I could go either way with this game. I’ve admired both teams all season long. They’re both deserving of the chance to play in this game. I’ve enjoyed watching the historic season Peyton Manning has put together (mostly because I had him in fantasy), and I’ve SURE AS HELL enjoyed watching Richard Sherman these last few weeks (mostly because he makes a lot of people I find annoying squirm). Whichever team wins, I’m cool with it.

But for the purpose of #HotSportsTakes, and because I’m trying to find excuses to put off making my guacamole for the game (cutting onions is literally THE WORST), I’ll throw a prediction out there.

The best offense vs. best defense matchup is one that intrigues me. I do think both units will have their moments in the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks punch the Broncos in the mouth a few times, and Brandon Mebane horrifies millions with another one of these. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Manning had a few of his usual unconscious drives in which surgically marches the Broncos down the field like the other team is the Raiders. These teams are pretty even, and I believe the score will reflect that.

But as much as I’m the pro-Beast Mode, I’m going to give the edge to the Broncos. I took a huge leap of faith taking Peyton Manning second overall in my fantasy draft. I received a lot of shit from everybody in my league. Reach! and Pawleys choking already!? were some of the things said? And what happened? The Fighting Filipinos lost just twice in the regular season, finishing with the best record and the most points, largely because of Mannings monster year. I don’t want to call it a season of destiny for Manning, but I would feel bad for turning my back on him now when I’ve invested so much faith him all season long. I’m expecting at least 250 yards passing and three touchdowns from him. Yes, even against the Legion of Boom. Faith, yo. Faith.

Also, you can throw that Peyton plays like ass in cold weather narrative out the window because that apocalyptic snowstorm we all expected is nowhere to be found. (Mother Nature is really sandbagging it on Super Bowl Sunday, and who can blame her? Work during the Super Bowl? Fuck that noise.)

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