Home Gym Essentials: 2 Important Cardio and Strength Training Equipment

Cardio is for weight loss while weight lifting is for muscle building’. This is a common myth in the fitness industry amongst both newbies as well as many experts. A perfect workout routine irrespective of your goals consists of the perfect balance between both workouts types.

Whether you’re setting up a home gym or want to know the best equipment for cardio and strength, here’s all that you’ll need.

Cardio Equipment

1. Stair Stepper

Getting the perfect cardio workout hardly gets any simpler than climbing a flight of stairs but if you find that boring or are simply always in a hurry, the stair stepper should be an interesting alternative.

The high-end models come with hand grips and thus work out the arms too. For newbies, the machine can tough to use so look for ones that come with handrails and larger platforms for a better grip and safer workout.

2. Treadmill

Running is one of the most important and easy to perform exercises but running outdoor has its own set of restrictions and this is why treadmills are so much in demand. Some treadmills also come with an incline/decline option ideal for trail runners.

A treadmill should come with a durable and powerful motor, enough belt space for the perfect stride and easy to adjust speeds for walking, jogging or running. A durable frame, handrails and an emergency stop button are other important features for a safe and secure workout.


Strength Training Equipment

1. Adjustable Dumbbells

Why adjustable dumbbells? Why not just regular dumbbells? If that’s the question you’ve been wondering too? Well, it’s simple, if you’re working out in your home the idea of having 5-10 different weighted dumbbell sets cramped up or thrown all around the gym floor is crazy.

With an adjustable dumbbell, you can switch weights within seconds without the mess and time wasting. These dumbbells will cost significantly lower and also come with a rack making storing them easier and cleaner. FitnessGuyd recommends Bowflex SelectTech 552 as the best adjustable dumbbell for home use.

Also, these dumbbells come with padding and special non-slip handles that make working out easier and prevent post-workout blisters.

 2. Power rack and Barbell

A power rack is one of the most versatile and important parts of any commercial or home gym. A power rack enables you to perform a number of different workouts but first, you’ll need a good barbell too.

With it, you can perform the barbell squat, shoulder press, bench press and tons of other big muscles moves. Top power racks also come with a pull-up and dip bar that further adds to the versatility of the rack.

Some racks also come with extensions to place the weighted plates post every workout. Look for a rack that is stable, built using durable metal and has enough adjustment pins so the bar can be placed at the right position for every workout.

Power rack and Barbell

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